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Available Puppies

* 2023 Rough Collie Litter Coming!*

*Esme will be bred around February 2023*

*Now Taking names for Barbie and Aces standard poodle litter for 2023* 

All our puppies are raised with puppy culture and ENS. We also do puppy culture/avidog. Everyone is raised INDOORS and get to go outside in the puppy yard if the weather is nice. All puppies get started with grooming training around 3 weeks of age. they will get baths, their nails dremeld, blow dried with a high velocity dryer (poodles get their face, feet, base of tail shaved as well) they get this done once a week until they leave. potty training and crate training starts around 5 weeks of age. Everyone goes home dewormed, their puppy shots and dewclaws removed (poodles get their tails docked to show length) while here, they get exposed to other dogs, cats, parrots, kids, and our free ranging chickens/geese. All puppies get their eyes checked by a specialist  before going home (you will be provided with that paper work) Volhard testing is done at 8 weeks old by several trainers along with structure evalutions done by long time show breeders. Videos and pictures of puppies are always posted on our facebook page! los arteagas kennel

Esme and Link breeding will have blues and sables. 

***Barbie and Ace breeding will take place around March 2023 and currently taking a few more names for their wailtlist. whites and creams only***

Please message me for more info!

Available Puppies: Available Pets
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