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Flying Puppies!

"Im states away! I wish I could get one of the pups" You still can! 

If you live states away I do offer to fly in one of my puppies to your local airport! The puppy will fly INSIDE the cabin with me, in a sherpa airline approved carrier that fits under the seat in front of me. ZERO stress as its only about a 2 hour flight and the puppy has a chew (all though all my pups have always fallen asleep) I then meet you at the baggage claim area. I love to fly Southwest as they are very pet friendly, their pet fee is only $95 and they are not fussy about the process. I have seen and heard stories of other airlines not letting people board as the carrier is to small, to big, puppy/dog needs this specific vaccine, vet did not fill out paperwork correctly, ears touch the top of the carrier, you name it! Southwest does NOT require a certificate from the vet and as long as the carrier fits under the seat, your good to go! 

*Price to fly out a puppy will be added to purchase price and needs to be paid before flying out! Normally its about $350 plus the pet fee. Price reflects my round trip plus the pet fee the airline asks. 

*Many references from happy puppy buyers available! 

*Pictured: Isabella meeting her new family at the Seattle airport. I flew her in from the Denver airport

Flying Puppies!: Welcome
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